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DVR following features

Most popular model, widely accepted in the worldwide security industry

H.264 compression algorithm ideal for standalone DVR

Real-time live display up to 16 cameras, 100/120 fps recording for 4CIF, 400/480 fps recording for CIF

USB2.0 and SATA HDD supported

Pentaplex function: live, recording, playback, backup & remote access

4 HDDs supported & CD-RW/DVD-RW supported

Multiple control methods: front panel, IR remote control, keyboard, USB mouse and network keyboard.

Smart video detection: motion detection, camera masking, video loss.

Smart camera settings: privacy masking, camera lock, color setting, and title display

Pan Tilt Zoom and Speed Dome Control: more than 60 protocols supported, preset, scan, auto pan, auto tour, pattern, auxiliary function supported. And with speed dome, 3D intelligent positioning function supported.

Easy backup methods: USB devices, CD-RW/DVD-RW & network download

Alarm triggering screen tips, buzzer, PTZ preset, matrix output, e-mail, FTP upload.

Smart HDDs Management: non-working HDD hibernation, HDD faulty alarm, Raid function.

Powerful network software: built-in web server, CMS. Networking access for remote live viewing, recording, playback, setting, system status, event log, e-mail & ftp function.

1.2 Specifications


DVR0404LN-S Plus 4 channel video basic model

DVR0804/1604LNH-S 8/16 channel loop matrix and audio/video model


Main Processor High performance embedded microprocessor

Operating System Embedded LINUX

System Resources Pentaplex function: live, recording, playback, backup &

remote access User Interface GUI, on-screen menu tips.

Control Device USB mouse, keyboard, IR remote

control, network keyboard,. Input Method Numeral/Character/Denotation

System Status HDD status, data stream statistics, log record, bios

version, on-line user and etc.


Video Input

Video Output

Video Standards

Video Compression Video Resolution

Video Recording

Video Display Split Tour Display Image Quality Privacy Masking

Camera Lock Camera Adjustment Video Information

TV Output Adjustment


Audio Input Bidirectional Talk Input Audio Output Audio Compression

Video Detection & Alarm

Motion Detection

4/8/16 Channel, BNC, 1.0Vp-p, 75Q, looping(optional) 2 channel TV output BNC, 1.0Vp- p, 750,1 VGA output PAL ( 625Line , 50f/s ), NTSC ( 525Line , 60f/s )



D1 (4CIF) 704*480 704*576 CIF 352 *240 352 *288

CIF: PAL 1f/s~25f/s NTSC 1f/s~30f/s D1: PAL 1f/s~6f/s NTSC 1f/s~7f/s Full and multiple screen display, 1 / 4 / 8 / 9 / 16 Support

1~6 level (level 6 is the best)

Self-defined four-sided zone for privacy masking for each camera

Camera locked for users Adjust color according to different time period Camera title, time, video loss, camera lock, motion detection, recording Adjust TV output color & display zone

Video Loss Camera masking Alarm Input

Relay output Hard Disk

Hard Disk

Space Occupation HDD Management

4 channel, BNC, 200-2800mV, 30KQ 1 channel, BNC, 200-2800mV, 30KQ 1 channel, BNC, 200-3000mv, 5KQ


Zones: PAL 396 (22*18)/NTSC 330(22*15) detection zones

Sensitivity: 1~6 (level 6 is highest)

Trigger recording, PTZ movement, tour, alarm & FTP

Trigger recording, PTZ movement, tour, alarm & FTP

Trigger recording, PTZ movement, tour, alarm & FTP

4/16/16 channel, programmable, ground, manual


Trigger recording, PTZ movement, tour, alarm & FTP 3/6/6 channel, 30VDC, 1A, NO/NC, form-C,

4 SATA ports, 4 HDDs supported.

Audio : 14.4MB/H Video : 56~400MB/H

Hard disk hibernation technology, HDD faulty alarm & Raid (Redundancy)

Record, Playback & Backup

Recording Mode

Recording Priority Recording Interval Overwrite Mode Raid Function Search Mode


Digital Zoom Backup Mode



Network Functions Remote operation

Auxiliary Interface

USB Interface

RS232 RS485


Power Supply Power Consumption

Working Temperature

Power Consumption Working Humidity Atmosphere Pressure Dimension



Note: Comparison

Model Audio Input Loop Output Matrix Output Bidirectional Talk Input

DVR0404LN-S PLUS 4-channel N/A N/A N/A

DVR0804LNH-S 4-channel 8-channel 1-channel 1-channel

DVR1604LNH-S 4-channel 16-channel 1-channel 1-channel

Features and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

Manual, continuous, video detection (including motion detection, camera masking, video loss), Alarm Manual >Alarm >Video Detection >Continuous.

1 to 120 minutes (default: 60 minutes) Support Support

Time/Date, Alarm, Motion Detection & exact search (accurate to second)

1-channel playback ; Play, pause, stop, rewind, fast play, slow play, next file, previous file, next camera, previous camera, full screen, repeat, shuffle, backup selection.

Selected zone can zoom into full screen during playback

Flash stick/ USB HDD/ USB CD-RW/DVD-RW/ built-in SATA Burner/ network download

RJ-45 Port (10/100M)


Monitor, PTZ control, playback, system setting, file download, log information

2 ports, 1 for mouse control, 1 for backup. Keyboard, PC communication PTZ control

220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz


-10~ + 55




1.5U, 440mmx460mmx68mm (W*D*H) 6.0KG

Desktop or rack


This section provides information about front panel and rear panel. When you install this series DVR for the first time, please refer to this part first.

2.1 Front Panel

This series DVR front panel is shown as in Figure 2-1 .

Figure 2-1

Button Name



VFD & Status Indicator lights

Indicate the status of DVR and display system time.


Go back to previous menu or cancel current operation in function menu interface.

In video playback mode, click this button to go back to real-time monitor mode.


In 1-ch monitor mode: pop up assistant function: PTZ control and Video color

In motion detection interface, working with direction keys to finish setup.

Clear: Press Fn for 1.5 seconds to clear all contents in current text box.

In preview interface (There is no other menu), click this button for 3 seconds to switch between TV/VGA.

In text box input mode, press this button to switch between numeral/English characters (small/capitalized).

Special combined operation in some menus.



In input mode, switch between numeral/character and other function keys.

In four-window preview mode, it can work as Fn button.


Enable or disable record function manually. In record control menu, working with direction keys to select recording channel.


► II

In playback mode: play or pause video.

In text box: input number 5.


In playback mode: reverse play video.

In text box: input number 6.

Fast play

In playback mode: click this button to switch between various fast play speeds and normal playback.

In text box: input number 7.

Slow play

In playback mode: click this button to switch between various slow play speeds and normal playback.

In text box: input number 8.


► I

In playback mode: play the next video.

In text box: input number 9.


In playback mode: play the previous video.

In text box: input number 0

Direction keys

> л

Move cursor

In text box: increase or decrease numerals.

In dropdown list, modify current setup.

In monitor mode, click this button to go to the 1st channel-1 or 4th channel. (Single-channel monitor mode).

In text box input mode, press SHIFT and then use up/down key to input number 1 or 4.

< >

In the main menu or sub-menu interface, click left or right key to move cursor.

In playback mode: Click left/right key to select corresponding option in the function menu.

In monitor mode, click left/right key to go to 2nd channel or 3rd channel (single-window monitor mode)

In text box input mode, press SHIFT and then use left/right key to input number 2 or 3.

USB port

To connect USB storage device, USB mouse or USB CD/DVD-RW

Power button


Power button, press this button for three seconds to shut down DVR.

Please insert the USB Mouse to operate the DVR.

2.2 Rear Panel

2.2.1 Overview

Please refer to Figure 2-3 for real panel information.

Figure 2-3

2.2.2 Connection Sample

Here is a connection sample for your reference. See Figure 2-4.

OnlmcUscr (inline User Onlmc Ubcr Network Keyboard Online Usef

Figure 2-4

2.3 Remote Control

The remote control interface is shown as in Ш^!Ш^ДШо .

Figure 2-5

Serial Number


remote switch

Multiple-window switch

0-9 number key


Auxiliary key

Confirm /menu key


Direction key





Slow play


Fast play


\ Mouse Control

Left click

System pops up password input dialogue box if you have not logged in.


In real-time monitor mode, you can go to the main menu.

When you have selected one menu item, left click mouse to view menu


Implement the control operation.

Modify checkbox or motion detection status.

Click combo box to pop up drop down list

In input box, you can select input methods. Left click the corresponding button on the panel you can input numeral/English character (small/capitalized). Here stands for backspace button. stands for space button.

In English input mode: stands for input a backspace icon and stands for deleting the previous character.

In numeral input mode: stands for clear and stands for deleting the previous numeral.

When input special sign, you can click corresponding numeral in the front panel to input. For example, click numeral 1 you can input / , or you can click the numeral in the on-screen keyboard directly.

1 / ffT 0 &[77\

Double left click mouse

Implement special control operation such as double click one item in the file list to playback the video.

In multiple-window mode, double left click one channel to view in full-window.

Double left click current video again to go back to previous multiple-window mode.

In real-time monitor mode, pops up shortcut menu: one-window, four-window, nine-window and sixteen-window, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, color setting, search, record, alarm input, alarm output, main menu.

Among which, Pan/Tilt/Zoom and color setting applies for current selected channel.

If you are in multiple-window mode, system automatically switches to the corresponding channel.

Right click mouse

View 1 >

View 4 i

View 9 View 16

Pan/Till/Zoom Color Setting

Search Record Alarm Output Alarm Input Main Menu

Exit current menu without saving the modification.




In numeral input box: Increase or decrease numeral value.

Switch the items in the check box.

Page up or page down

Move mouse

Select current control or move control

Drag mouse

Select motion detection zone

Select privacy mask zone.

2.5 Virtual Keyboard & Front Panel

2.5.1 Virtual Keyboard

The system supports two input methods: numeral input and English character (small and capitalized) input.

Move the cursor to the text column, the text is shown as blue, input button pops up on the right. Click that button to switch between numeral input and English input (capitalized and small), Use > or < to shift between small character and capitalized character.

2.5.2 Front Panel

Move the cursor to the text column. Click Fn key and use direction keys to select number you wanted. Please click enter button to input.

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