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Transparency 200 Time Display 1 Overlay Info Ш

Monitor Tour

Enable Tour D

Channel Name ( Modify Channel Display Ш

Figure 5-15

5.3.10 Default

Click default icon, system pops up a dialogue box. You can highlight И to restore default factory setup. See Figure 5-16.

Select all










Channel name

Please highlight icon Я to select the corresponding function.

After all the setups please click save button, system goes back to the previous menu.


System menu color, language, time display mode, video format, IP address, user account will not maintain previous setup after default operation!

Please select setting entries that you want to restore default


PAN/TILT/ZOOM Channel Name

Figure 5-16

5.4 Search

Please refer to chapter 4.3 Search.

5.5 Advanced

Double click advanced icon in the main window, the interface is shown as below. See Figure 5-17. There are totally seven function keys: hard disk management, alarm output, alarm input, manual record, account, auto maintain, and TV adjust.



Figure 5-17

5.5.1 HDD Management

Here is for you to view and implement hard disk management. See Figure 5-18.

You can set proper mode for each hard disk from the dropdown list.

When you use redundant backup function, you can set one or more redundant


Please note you need to set at least one read-write disk, otherwise system will not record video. For detailed information you can refer to chapter 4.4 Schedule. After all the setups please click save button, system needs to reboot to get all the modification activated.


2 3 4 О О О О

Alarm Set

Alarm Release


Type Read/Write

Status Normal

Capacity 79.99 GB

Record time 00-00-00 00:00:00/00-0

Setto I Read/Write

- Read/Write

Read only Redundant Format Recover


Figure 5-18

Click alarm set button, the interface is shown as below. See Figure 5-19.

Please highlight icon S to select the corresponding function.

You can enable one or more alarm setups. The lower limit ranges from 1% to 99%.

Alarm channel number ranges from 1 to 6. Delay value is from 0 to 240 seconds.

Please note when HDD capacity is not full system only alarms once!

After all the setups please click OK button, system goes back to the previous menu

I arm Set

Alarm When no Disk or Errors Occur Alarm When Free Space is Lower Lower Limit j99 )%

Alarm Output 13 Delay 30 Isec.

Show Message Ш

(i Ш 1 ( Cancel 1

Figure 5-19

5.5.2 Alarm Output

Here is for you to set proper alarm output.

Please highlight icon S to select the corresponding alarm output.

After all the setups please click OK button, system goes back to the previous menu.

See Figure 5-20.


1 2 3 4 5 6 □□□□□□

Figure 5-20

5.5.3 Alarm Input

Here is for you to set alarm input.

Please highlight icon S to select the corresponding input channel.

After all the setups please click save button, system goes back to the previous menu.

See Figure 5-21.


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9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Figure 5-21

5.5.4 Manual Record

Please refer to chapter 4.2.2 manual record.

5.5.5 Account

Here is for you to implement account management. See Figure 5-22. Here you can:

Add new user

Modify user

Add group

Modify group

Modify password.

For account management please note:

System account adopts two-level management: group and user. No limit to group or user amount.

For group or user management, there are two levels: admin and user.

The user name and group name can consist of eight bytes. One name can only be used once. There are four default users: admin/888888/666666 and hidden user default . Except user 6666, other users have administrator right.

Hidden user default is for system interior use only and can not be deleted. When there is no login user, hidden user default automatically login. You can set some rights such as monitor for this user so that you can view some channel view without login.

One user should belong to one group. User right can not exceed group right.

About reusable function: this function allows multiple users use the same account to login.

After all the setups please click save button, system goes back to the previous menu.

Figure 5-22

5.5.6 Auto Maintain

Here you can set auto-reboot time and auto-delete old files setup. See Figure 5-23. You can select proper setup from dropdown list.

After all the setups please click save button, system goes back to the previous menu.


Auto-Reboot System

Every Monda> - at 00:00

Auto-Delete Old Files.

30 Days ago h-

Figure 5-23

5.5.7 TV Adjust

Here is for you to adjust TV output setup. See Figure 5-24. Please drag slide bar to adjust each item.

After all the setups please click OK button, system goes back to the previous menu.


Top Deflate Bottom Deflate Left Deflate Rigtit Deflate Brigfitness

Figure 5-24

5.5.8 Video Matrix (For DVR 1604LNH-S Series Only)

Some series DVR have the matrix and loop outputs. Loop outputs

They are just the same with video distributors. There are 16-ch video loop outputs from our DVR. The DVR video output can connect with other devices such as TV walls, analog matrix and so on. Matrix outputs

They are like the small-scale matrix. You can select any camera from our DVR to switch. And the output can also tour between the cameras. So the matrix outputs can be used to build TV walls and tour and display the cameras one by one. Rear Panel Connection

The rear panel is shown as below. See Figure 5-25.

Connect to 37-pin Cable

Ф Ф Ф Ф Ф ® <*vvc* LJ

Figure 5-25 37-pin cable introduction

There are three colors cable. See Figure 5-26.

Black: for loop outputs, there are 16-ch loop outputs

Blue: for matrix outputs, there are 4-ch matrix outputs

White: for bi-direction talk, one is for audio in and the other is for audio out.

Figure 5-26 Matrix setup Enter the Menu of Video Matrix In the menu, from Advanced to Video Matrix . See Figure 5-27.







Figure 5-27 Right mouse menu

In one-window display mode, right click mouse to select Video Matrix . See Figure


РапГП It/Zoom Color Setting

Alarm Output Alarm Input VideOjMatrix Main Menu

Figure 5-28 Video Matrix Interface and Application

LNH-S series support 1-channel matrix outputs. The video matrix interface is shown as in Figure 5-29.

You can set for each channel. The function consists of two types.


Video Output 1

Group 1 I All

Group 2 1

Group 3 3

Group 4 --

Group 5 --

Group 6 1

Enable Tour Ш

Alarm In P

Figure 5-29 Single Tour

Please enable tour function. Then set interval time and select corresponding cameras. You can select ALL to tour between all channels.


- - means that there is no alarm activation tour. Alarm Tour

Select the alarm in channel number from the dropdown list. If there is an alarm signal from the channel selected, the matrix output will go to tour as you set in the Alarm setting (Main Menu->Setting->Alarm). See Figure 5-30. Alarm tour has higher priority than single tour during this period, the single tour will stop. After alarm activation tour, the matrix output will continue single tour.

Alarm In 1 - Source of alarm [Local Inpul I

Type NormalOpen Enable Tour □

Record Channel в g0 . il] Sill [E И (HI 111 3103 (III 21 Delay 110 ]sec. Piz Preset [ get )

Alarm Out HLtjSLillAKl] Alarm Out Show Message

Figure 5-30 Examples Example one

In Figure 5-31, matrix outputs 1 , 3 , 4 tour between all cameras of the DVR. Matrix output 2 tours between CAM1, CAM6 and CAM7 of the DVR. The interval is five seconds.


Video Output Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 Enable Tour Alarm In

Figure 5-31 Example two

In Figure 5-32, when alarm occurs in channel one, the activated matrix output one begins touring between CAM1, CAM3 and CAM4 of the DVR until alarm activation tour stops.

Alarm In 1 [-l Source of alarm [Local Input

Type Normal Open -J Enable Tour Q

Record Channel Ц (1)(Т|(](Т|(10(П1(Ш1(й|111111

Delay [10 I sec. Ptz Preset Set )

Alarm Out [Т|[2][з](Т|[Г|[б) Alarm Out Show Message

Period 1 [00: 00 24: 00

Period 2 loo: 00 - 24: 00

Copy ] I Paste ] f Default

Save Cancel

Figure 5-32

5.6 Information

Here is for you to view system information. There are totally five items: HDD (hard disk information), BPS (data stream statistics), Log and version, and online user. See Figure 5-33.

11 INFO Xl

5.6.1 HDD Information

Here is to list hard disk type, total space, free space, video start time and status. See

Figure 5-34.


Please remove the broken hard disk before you add a new one. Once there is a hard disk confliction, please check hard disk time and system time is the same or not. Please go to setting then general to modify system time. At last, reboot the system to solve this problem.

If disk is damaged, system shows as ?

SATA 12 3 4 О О О 0

Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write Read/Write

Total Space 319.98 GB 79.99 GB 79.99 GB 79.99 GB 79.99 GB

Free Space 319.97 GB 79.99 GB 79.99 GB 79.99 GB 79.99 GB

Normal Normal Normal Normal

H Page Up \4 Page Dowri

Figure 5-34

5.6.2 BPS

Here is for you to view current video data stream (KB/s) and occupied hard disk storage (MB/h). See Figure 5-35.

Figure 5-35

5.6.3 Log

Here is for you to view system log file. System lists the following information. See Figure 5-36.

5.6.4 Version

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