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Controller GATE-4000


Power Supply Voltage

12V (±10%)

Input Current DC Maximum in standby mode/ in operation 30 mA/ 90 mA

Operating Temperature

From -30° to 50°C (22° to 122°F)


Card Readers

Supported Reader Interfaces

Wiegand 26,27,32,33,40; ABA-2; 1-Wire

Alarm Inputs


Relay Outputs

Relay Outputs Voltage

Up to 30 VDC @ 6 Amp Load

Relay Time (programmable)

From 0.5 sec to 25 sec

Additional Outputs

4 (Open Drain 30 VDC (g 14 Amp); 2 (Open Collector 30 VDC @ 0.1 Amp)


Maxinium capacity of stored cardholder records

. Double doors , , , 4072

Single door, turnstile, lock 8144

Maximum Last Card identification time

1 sec per 8000 cards

Event Memory Capacity


Network properties

Door Controllers

Up to 255 per Line

Controller Bus Wiring Interface

RS485, RS422



Single Door, Double Door, Turnstile, Lock


FreeLogic options configures in the software application



Valid Pass confirmed by operator, card or code

Controller Types


The basic controller in a metallic housing without a Power Supply.


The basic controller in a metallic housing with UPS and free place for One 12V Battery (12V/7Ah).

GATE-4000 UPS v.2

The basic controller in a metallic housing with two UPSs

(with separated Power Supply for the controller and for the lock)

and free place for two 12V Batteries (2 x 12V/7Ah).

The ACS GATE has the Programmable Logics

The powerful basic ACS GATE Software gives the possibility to program additional scripts and operational logics.

The controller configuration

The configuration of additional operational scripts is progrannnned from the host individually for each controller. The script records are standalone stored by the controller.

For the realization of the FreeLogic function one of eight outputs can be activated after a specified event occurred.

The Host Configuration

System network scripts configured, stored and activated by the ACS GATE Host. Typical scripts

- The door unlocking during the fire on the way of emergency evacuation.

- The door lockout control according to a schedule.

The Special Controllers

GATE-P-4000-PK (Parking)

This controller contains the GATE-4000 chip,

extra block of the radio receiver and control diagrams

of executive devices. It has a metallic housing with a Power Supply.


The similar GATE-4000 controller differs microcontroller firmware. This version determines the functionality of inputs, outputs and operational logics.

The ACS GATE Software

The ACS GATE Software consists of pay utilities and freeware for configuration, service and usage of the system.

Features of the ACS GATE Software

Easy and intelligible graphic interface

System Requirements: Windows® OS

Plenty of remote workstations in a network

Configuration and limitation of operator access policies

The same software price for increased number of controllers

The latest service packs and free Software Update

The ACS GATE-Server-Terminal is fully functional basic network Software Features

The logical structure configuration of the ACS

The system settings of general modes, schedules and scripts

The settings of individual modes and properties of system components

The event and system monitoring and registration

The user data base with personal settings

The photo identification and users movements control

Time&Attendance reporting

Distantly located structures and remote workstations of a company covered with the ACS

Configuration and limitation of user access policies

The ACS GATE-Server-Terminal Software includes software modules:

The GATE-Server Software required for the Equipment Host Server of the ACS GATE. It controls the data line linked with controllers and identifies valid photos.

The GATE Terminal software network module provides interface for operator of the ACS GATE. It allows event and Time&Attendance reporting.

Extra Software

The GATE-Dinner Special Edition Software for calculation of dinners

TheACS GATE Software expansion modules-GATE-Parking and GATE-VIZIT Special Edition Software

Freeware GATE-Commander service utility for configuration of one controller

i-GATE Software

is tine 1st step to integrated security

The Itrium-GATE Software is the powerful alternative of the basic GATE Software. It has expanding scaling network functions to integrated security complex.


The layout plan support

Interactive monitoring

The system resources control Ф The Admission Office Control

WEB log in to pass registration

Passport and Drivers license recognition (additional option) i User Photo identification

Counting of people amount in premises

Time&Attendance reporting with E-Mail

DBMS support, including MSDE, MS SQL, Oracle, MS Jet

The Starter Kit Itrium-GATE with the license for 10 controllers GATE-4000 and for 3 workstations includes:

The Host Server GATE

System Administrator

Monitoring Administrator

The Admission Office

Automated workstation of photo identification

Automated workstation for monitoring


Ф Time&Attendance reporting



Typical Solutions mall Office (single door)

The main task:

One access point and Time&Attendance control The GATE Solo Kit includes: Controller GATE 4000 UPS (1) Readers (2)

USB to RS485 interface converter (1)

The GATE Server-Terminal Solo Special Edition Software for one controller (1) Door Lock (Snap-and-Lock terminal block) (1) Door Contact (1) Entrance/Exit Push Button (1)

Controller GATE-4000

Entrance Reade-

Exit Reader

Push Button

Typical Solutions


Access Limitation for few doors and Time&Attendance control. Possibility to use the controller for two access points. Щ

1 The Kit can include:


I 1

GATE Server-Terminal

Entrance Reader

GATE 4000

Room 1

Й u

Push Button Entrance Reader

RS 485

Push Button

Room 2

GATE 4000

Entrance Reader

GATE 4000

Exit Reader Entrance Reader

Room 3

Exit Reader

Room 4

GATE 4000

Entrance Reader

Exit Reader

- The GATE Server-Terminal Software (1)

- USB to RS485 interface converter (1)

- Controller GATE-4000 (4)

- Readers (8)

- Entrance/Exit Push Button (1)

Central Entrance

Typical Solutions for Time&Attendance contrd

GATE-Control Post


Bidirectional Control Post

with Photo identification, Time&Attendance control and guest card collector at an exit.

The Kit can include:

-Turnstile Praktika (1)

- Reader (1)

- Controllr GATE 4000(1)

- USB to RS485 interface converter (1) -Card Collector(1)

Control Post

GATE Server-Terminal USB

Entrance Reader



Typical Solutions for Time&Attendance Control



Biometrics (fingerprints) for Time&Attendance control as a part of ACS GATE

The Kit incinHps:

- Controller GATE 4000 (4) -The GATE Server-Terminal Software (1)

- USB to RS485 interface converter (2)

- Readers (4)

- Exit Push Button (2)

- Biometric Reader BioSmart (2)

- Desktop Biometric Reader BioSmart (1)

- Reader Z2-USB(1)

Typical Solutions Business Center


Post Access Control (Turnstiles (2) with Readers and Gest Card Collector at an Exit) and inner Premise Access Control (Entrance Access Control Doors (5))

3 workstations of different functionality: -Automated workstation of System Administrator for system configuration

- Automated workstation of an Admission Office for Desktop Reader Card distribution -Automated workstation with photo identification of a Security Guard at the Control Post.

The Kit includes:

-The GATE Server-Terminal Software (1)

- The GATE Server Software (1)

- The GATE Terminal Software (1)

- USB to RS485 interface converter (2) -Controller GATE-4000 (7) -Readers (13)

-Turnstile (2)

-Guest Card Collector (1)

-Desktop ReaderZ2-USB(1)

GATE 4000

GATE 4000


I d Server-Terminal

Admission Office

I 1

GATE Terminal


Entance Reader

Entance Entance Reader Reader



Turnstile Collector

Typical Solutions Enterprise


The Enterprise Access Control with two Pass Controls, two Admission Offices, a Parking for cars of the staff, remote Workstations of the Accountant and the Administrator and the lunch control in the Dining Room linked through LAN.

The Kit includes

-The GATE Server-Terminal Software (2)1 -The GATE Terminal Software (4) -The GATE Dinner Software (1) -The GATE Dinner-Table Software (1)

- USB to RS485 interface converter (3)

- Controller GATE-4000 (6) -Readers (10) -Guest Card Collector(1)

- Desktop Reader Z2-USB (2) -Turnstile (4)

Control Post! - Barrier (1)

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