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Appendix C - iPhone Browser

NUUO Live Streaming service can handle requests from iPhones Safari browser. This section will guide you how to use this feature with iPhone devices.

1.1 Configuration from NUUO server Step 1: Go to Config and select Network Service

Network Service

Step 2: Select Live Streaming , and then click Start .

Note: The Port selected here will be the same as the web live view and web playback. Live Streaming



1.2 Connect to NUUO server

Step 1: Make sure the I-phone is connected to the internet. Open Safari browser and enter the IP address or DDNS name of the server followed by the connecting port.

Example: http: ipd т^зпв

Note: is the IP address of the server.

8080 is the port specified in Use Default Web Server in Network Service.

Step 2: Enter user name and password to login NUUO MainConsole Server, select camera to view live video.

1.3 Live Display

To view live video, select camera from list, use touch panel to zoom in the video.

To switch video, please click ai to back to list and select another camera to view the video.

1.4 PTZ Control

With cameras that support PTZ function, the PTZ panel will show as picture. User can control camera to pan, tile and zoom in/zoom out manually, or move to pre-set location by select PTZ preset point from drop down list.

For NUUOs latest release of iPhone / iPad application based client NUUO iViewer, please log on to http: www.nuuo.com/faq.php?node=1315 for more information and product demo videos.

Appendix D - Remote Desktop Tool

How to install NUUO Remote Desktop Tool Step 1: Insert the Installation CD.

Step 2: Go to Remote Desktop Viewer directly and Run Setup.exe file. How to Start NUUO Remote Desktop Tool

Step 1: Start - All Programs - NUUO Remote Desktop Viewer - Remote Desktop Viewer.

Step 2: Enter address, Port, Password of server. Enable the option to use 8 bits color level to show steadier


Step 3: Click OK to Start Remote Desktop.

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