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NVRmini 2 User Manual

The electronic components within the unit can be damaged by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Please take precautions at all times when handling the unit or its


To configure the unit, you must install the software onto a desktop/ laptop running Windows XP-SP3 32bit, Windows 7 32/64bit.

2 bay unit front/rear view

Pow er Status Syste m Status USB Status

DISK 1 Status

DISK 2 Status Ethernet Activity


HDD Tray

Cooling Fan


USB Connection

RJ45 Network Connection

Power Connection

4 bay unit front/rear view

System Status ; eSATA Status Ethernet 1 & 2 Activity DISK 1 & 2 Status DISK 3 & 4 Status

Power Status



eSATA Conn. 1& 2

USB Conn.

RJ45 Network Conn. 1 & 2

HDD Tray

Cooling Fan Power Connection

Step 2: Install Hard Drives

Refer to compatibility list and install HDDs. For optimal performance consideration, install disks with the same model and storage capacity. The available RAID level depends on the amount of disks installed.

1. Open the lid on the front of the unit enclosure.

2. Pull a HDD tray from the enclosure. See the front view figure.

3. Carefully lock the disks into the HDD tray with screws. 4 screws for each disk. Put the HDD tray back once you finished.

Step 3: Connect to the Network

1. Attach one end of the network cable to the RJ45 network connection. See the rear view figure.

2. Attach the other end of the network cable to your Ethernet hub or switch.

If there are multiple networks at your facility, note the network to which you connect the unit. You will need this information during the setup process. Please also enable the DHCP function within the network, as the unit will retrieve an IP address through

DHCP by default.

Step 4: Connect the Power

1. Attach the power cord from the power source to the power adapter.

2. Connect the power adapter to the back of the unit enclosure. See the rear view figure.

3. On the front of the unit, press the power button. See the front view figure.

It takes about a minute for the unit to fully power up. Once it is powered up:

The System Status LED turns blue. See the front view figure.

The buzzer beeps one time.

Step 5: Install the Software

1. Insert the CD into your CDROM.

2. Double-click Setup.exe to begin installation.

3. Follow the instruction of Setup.exe, and click the Finish button to close the installer.

Step 6: Set up the Unit

The software Installation Wizard performs the setup procedures on the unit. After the procedure, you can begin using it.

1. Go to Start > NUUO NVRmini 2 > NUUO Install Wizard.

2. This program will show the default language setting and initiation mode.

3. Choose your preferred language and initiation mode, and then click the



NVR Installation Wizard

Choosing a language

Version; 1.0 0 4 CopyrigM a 2004-2011 NUUO Inc.

Express Mode: you dont need to set up the network settings, Date/Time

and RAID level.

Advanced Mode: configure all settings manually: network, license, camera, Date/Time, upgrade notification, and RAID level

Add license function is supported in v1.0.0.20 and later version.

4. The Installation Wizard program starts searching for all the units on the internet currently. Choose one of them, and then click the Kl


00,50 43:00:20:02 00:50:43:34:34:01 00:50:43:d1:31:19









5. Type in the password, and then click the OK button.

The default Administrator password is admin .

6. Name this server and select the network type, and then click the button.


NVR Installation Wizard

Obtain network settings automatically from external DHCP server. Configure network settings manually,

Default Gateway

Secondary DNS

server, and select the network type.

: conned this server and IP cameras to a router with embedded DHCP servei T button to apply settings and go to the next page,

Obtain network settings automatically from external DHCP server:

apply all settings which are automatically generated by the DHCP server, such as IP, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS.

Configure network settings manually: configure the preferred settings one by one.

7. Activate camera license to have more channel capacity, and click the button.


NVR Installation Wizard

8. Add cameras for this server. There are two ways of adding cameras,

selecting the searched cameras and manually configuring the cameras. Click the

button after completing camera list.


NVR Installation Wizard

Auto camera search


Only cameras supporting search mecha Click the NEXT button to apply settings

9. Set up the time zone, date, and time, and adjust daylight saving changes if needed. Click the



NVR Installation Wizard

Adjusi clock for daylight saving changes +2

Select the lime of this server.

Click the NEXT button to apply settings and go to the next page.

10.Check Enable Upgrade Notification box if you want to receive notification when there is a newer FW version. Click the I I button.

11.Follow the following instruction and select the RAID type you want to create. Click the


For 2 bay unit, only RAID 0 and 1 are available.

12. Review your settings. If the settings are correct, click the Finish button to exit the settings procedure and activate the system.

Once the FINISH button is clicked, the unit will start working. In order to ensure the stability of the unit, never pull any disks out when the system is running.

1.2 LED Status Definitions

Power Status

System Status

HDD Status

eSATA Status

Ethernet Status

Power-on: blue

Power-off: dark

Healthy: blue

Reset admin password: blue with blinking

Unhealthy or abnormal temperature status: orange

Reset to default setting: orange with blinking

Off: dark

Healthy: blue

Failed: orange

No disk: dark

Rebuilding: orange with blinking

Healthy: blue

No disk: dark

Linking: blue

Accessing: blue with blinking

No linking: dark

2. Settings

After setting up the unit, log in to the system by entering its IP address in the browser (Internet Explorer 7 and later). When connecting, choose your language, enter the user name and password, and then begin using this system.


NO у о Mmiwmk УЫт& Штстё^т

There are five main functions of this unit: settings, live view, playback, help, and logout. They will be shown on the top of the page. Current firmware version and free storage capacity are shown above the function list.

Firmware Version: 1.0.0

Free Capacity: 3.3 GE

Settings Live View Playback Help Logout

2.1 Camera Setup

2.1.1 Add Cameras by Camera Search

The function enables user to automatically search and add cameras in the same network. There are two search mechanisms, one is UPnP, another is camera search tool. Before searching UPnP cameras, make sure that the cameras possess UPnP function.

1. Open Internet Explorer and log in to the unit.

2. Click IP Camera/ Camera Settings.

3. Click the Camera Search tab.

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